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A well know major retailer in Dec 2015 during a winter tire installation goofed. A Venza was in the bay and they installed it's tire sensor in my vehicle. Had the dang Tire light on for over 3 months. I did bring it to there attention at the time but they had no diagnostic equipment.

I bought techstream for $20 from e-bay and then bought a used Windows XP 32 bit laptop for $45. Got the offending sensor with no reading.

Bought a Denso on rockauto for $35 and took to a near tire shop. Shop told me all the tires are reading psi with their tire gun. Told them OK but installed ($15) the Denso in the left front tire.

The sensor they took out wasn't registered to my vehicle. Techstream was used to register the new and 3 old sensors and tire light is off.

E-mailed the local offending retailer and informed them. If no answer BBB complaint and hopefully arbitration.
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