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As many of you know, the 4.3 RAV4 does not lock the doors automatically like most other cars do. So those clever Chinese engineers developed a small module that when plugged into the OBD port under the dash does just that. In March of 2013 I ordered one from Aliexpress for all of $15 and have been using it until today. We discussed it in this thread:

The one I got was model number CFT01-3, and yes, it does lock the doors when the vehicle speed exceeds 12 mph, but it also had some annoying "bonus" features. For example, when any door is opened, it flashes the hazard lights 5 times. Every time, day or night. Also, when the headlights are on and you lock the vehicle either with the door switch or the remote, the high beams turn on for 5 seconds. Pointless since the low beams are already on. Finally, after stopping the vehicle and putting the gearshift into Park, it unlocks the doors. I hated this "feature" especially at a drive through. The last thing I want to do when making a cash deposit at the bank is to have all the doors unlock!

So I decided to order the new and improved version, model number CFT01-2, which had good reviews at Aliexpress. I paid $16 but it's now on sale for $12.24:

Automatic Door Lock Closing CANBUS OBD system For TOYOTA New Vios Corolla RAV4 Car speed lock device Free shipping-in Automobiles & Motorcycles on | Alibaba Group

I recommend paying the extra $1.32 for China Air Mail as mine took over a month to get here using the free Swiss Mail.

Anyway, this newer module has eliminated all the "bonus" features and just does what it's supposed to do. Start the car, shift into Drive, and when you reach 12 mph, the doors lock. Stop the car, open a door for a passenger to get out, when you get to 12 mph again, the door re-locks. Stop the car, put it in Park, nothing happens UNTIL you turn off the ignition. Then, all the doors unlock! Perfect, just what I wanted. I highly recommend this newer model, and at 12 bucks it's a steal! The new module looks just like these pictures except it has a T01-2 sticker applied:

This is great info thank you for sharing.
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