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I'm new to this Forum. We just purchased a 2006 RAV4 Limited. It has the RS3200+ Alarm installed. Has anyone else had any success programming the alarm to automatically lock and unlock the doors when turning the key?

I've seen several locations on the web that indicates this is possible. I tried the programming and it does not work. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much!

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The auto lock that the RS3200 provides is only for passive arming the system after you have left the vehicle, there is no auto lock feature other than that, this has been thoroughly discussed in other theads. Programming is covered on page 13 of the RS3200 owner's guide, features are covered on page 3.


To PASSIVELY ARM the system:
Remove the key from the ignition switch.
Exit the vehicle, and close all the doors. (The system will not
ARM while any of the doors are open.)
After the last door is closed:
The STATUS MONITOR’S LED turns on for 30 seconds,
then starts flashing. The system is now ARMED.
The RS3200 PLUS may be programmed to automatically ARM 30 seconds after the ignition key is removed, the vehicle exited and the last door closed, without the necessity of locking doors.
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