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Auto Express UK: Toyota RAV4 T180 Preview

It's the Toyota that has BMW in its sights. Not content with shaking up the luxury car sector with the Lexus brand, the company is now bringing its mainstream models to bear on its executive competitors, too.

The first to be sent into the battle is the RAV4 T180 - Toyota's new 'premium challenger'. Despite the maker's mass-market image, it's determined to position the range-topper as an X3 rival. And with a tag of £26,995 - £8,000 more than the entry-level RAV4 - it's certainly got a very BMW-like price.

Packed with hi-tech kit, and with a 175bhp turbodiesel, is the T180 a gen-uine prestige SUV alternative, or a leap too far?

More to read at the full article...
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