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Automatic to Manual Transmission swap?

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Anyone tried doing a transmission swap from automatic to manual on a 4WD 1AZ-FE? Planning to convert mine, don't really know what would fit. Personally I think a Celica GT4 Transmission would fit but any ideas or anyone who has done it? Would appreciate all the help. Thanks
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A GT4 tranny won't bolt to the 1AZ/2AZ engines. For a bolt-on application, the RAV4.2 manual transmission is your best option.

EDIT 2023:

The transmission that goes with S series engines don't have the same bolt-pattern... but it will bolt to an AZ series engine using less bolts.
I am in the same speculations. I have two rav4.2 . What about the ecu? Will an ecu work the same with a manual transmission? The cluster is also different from the manual. The ecu is bad in the one that has the manual gear box. So I would prefer using the one in the automatic car. Besides it is already programmed with the doors and the immobilizer.
Any comments greatly appreciated.
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Hello folks
I see this thread didn't go far but I'm also considering swapping a manual into an auto car. So will the ECU accept it? Are the mechanicals much different? How much must I transplant from the manual car into an auto?

FYI I'm asking because most manuals are well used thanks to their brilliance and quite beaten up, but autos are owned by pensioners and less adventurous types with low road miles and clean chassis. I want to build a car to last, not a beater I need to fix all the time hence getting an auto to then swap (since I'd be upgrading whichever car anyway with a 2ar, not sold in the UK Rav4.2)


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