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It's been almost 2 years, but back then changing the ATF, filter, cleaning the strainer was the solution. Now it doesn't work like that anymore, it's getting worse.

These are the effects:

1 - Gringing/slipping during acceleration on 1st to 2nd gear when the gas pedal isn't released in between changes.
2 - Gas pedal needs to be released in between changes of gears for smoother change
3 - If gas pedal isn't released, then it should be driven slowly, and stepped on smoothly
4 - Grinding/slipping on normal press on pedal, should be lightly pressed for smoother acceleration.
5 - Grinding vibration felt on the back, could be the differential?
6 - If grinding occurs, gas pedal should be released then stepped on again for it to find "grip" on gears.
7 - Uphill from stationary or low speed causes grinding/slipping, almost impossible to accelerate normally.
8 - If on momentum, stepping hard on the gas has no grinding/slipping problem.
9 - The grinding/slipping only occurs if the car is from stationary or on low speeds.

Here's a short video of its normal and grinding acceleration.

Could it be the oil pump to the torque converter not working well? Torque converter itself? Torque converters's stator or clutch not grasping well on the housing? Differential? Or Clutch plates all burnt in the Transmission. (I hope not.)
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