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Looking for a better alternative to the radio stock replacement and here I am talking about Scion radio, and not being able to get a PIE auxiliary input converter, searching the web I found at discount car a better auxiliary input converter than PIE.
I bought it for just $67 and installed it without any problem (30 min. job) last Saturday.
It plugs in the empty port of CD changer and works out of the box. It has not one but two inputs (two pairs of RCA) and the quality of sound is the same as the one of built in CD player (digital sound quality)
If you go for be aware that although the unit itself is not bigger that PIE unit the only acceptable space is on the lower side of mid console under ashtray, but right side.
Go ahead and buy from Radio shack two RCA female connectors ($3.99) and mount them on one of the four false buttons (under ashtray).
If you need more info or picture just let me know and I will add them to this post.

Good luck!
Here is the link:

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