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I have a 2010 Rav4 that I am wanting to add a navigation system and backup camera. With the spare tire I understand that some of the view will be blocked. From looking around I've mainly found three mounting option for the camera and would be interested in any opinions / experienced.

1) The first would be in the standard OEM mounting location. Such as :

This one has the advantage of being more OEM, but will have more camera blockage than the other two.

2) The 2nd would be mounting directly above (centered) the license plate. Such as :

This one would have less tire blockage (but maybe not much less), but would be further off center. Also the cord(s) would have to be routed somewhere to get into the back door.

3) Lastly, I've found some that replace the license plate light with one containing a camera. Such as :

This is kinda between the two (as far as location). Cords would be able to run through the current opening for the light.

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