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Hi all,
I use to be a member here when i bought my RAV in 2002.

I have a nsaty habit of leaving the lights on and left them on one too many times so my charger won't even work anymore.

I was told that if it drains one too many times i need to get a new battery and that's what happened.

I know nothing about batteries and need to buy one as soon as possible.

I'm willing to spend anywhere from $100 to $200.

Someone said they have batteries that shut down at a certainlevel so they don't drain. I would be interested in something like that.

So any help would be great.

Thanks so much:)


PS:I have a R &S Strauss near me if that helps and a Sears which I love.

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Is the alarm bell broken ony our lights? Optima makes the best battery but they usually cost more than the best dept. store brands. A 3 year warranty energizer from Walmart is generally good enough for most people.
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