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Had my 2015 Rav 4 LE battery tested today and I'm posting the results to get feed back from those that know more than I do about vehicles.

If you look at the print out, you see that the battery is rated as 640CCA..The battery in my Rav however has printed on it 490CCA.. If 490CCA had been used instead of 640CCA, would this have made a difference in the test results and the health of the battery? Thanks for the feed back.

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How old is the battery? Obviously they decline in power as they age. 490 CCA should start your vehicle except perhaps in cold climate winter weather, but it is deteriorating regarding potential performance. If you had a 490 CCA battery (don't know if there is such a product) and if the build quality were the same as with your 640 CCA battery, generally speaking the 490 CCA battery would fail first (as in being unable to start your vehicle). using the same time frame. Replaced the OEM battery in our RAV4 with one of the same CCA capacity.
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