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A little more info: I have the same type battery tester. You enter the CCA which is supposed to be what's listed on the battery. In this case someone got lazy and likely just left the number in from the previous test. Or maybe they were trying to sell you a battery.

But as a case in point the Health % isn't always of practical value. Last NewYear's Eve day (12/31/2021) I helped a friend of the family buy a very nice 2011 Odyssey from a private seller. While running an extensive all-systems test with my Autel scanner the battery went dead. The seller said, "You may need a new battery." Normally that might've ended the buy but the van was in such good condition, especially for the price, that I jumped it with my Accord and we bought it and she drove it home.

The van sat at her house for a few days since she had to get it registered. Battery went dead again. I put a charger on it and it started. The same thing happened a few days later even tho it tested good the several times I tested it. Told a friend the story. He said, "It's winter, (in Connecticut) buy a new battery." We went to Walmart and did so but I kept the old battery.

On 1/22/2022 it tested 604/600 CCA or 100% Health. Today after sitting on my garage floor for six months it read 573/600 = 92% health so I'll keep it for some future use but the question remains why was it not reliable in the Odyssey. The only possibility is the van is the highest trim, the Touring Elite model, so the parasitic battery drain may have been too much for the several year old battery.

So my advice is the same as the others, once it fails once replace it.

Here's my experience with our 2006 RAV4: Instant battery death, experienced & explained
i use the solar brand 1002 battery charger on all of the cars and trucks here as well as on generators and heavy equipment.
and make custom cords out the front grill so they can be plugged in every night.

yea the darn exit switches built in to the door handle are a known issue on any car or truck.
if it does not sense you left the car or truck the body module does not go asleep.
so any where from 1.5 amps to 3.1 amps of battery drain....
hard on batteries in the winter time!
40 to 90 bucks for the latch assy depending on where you buy it from.
i like dorman brand. they hold up pretty good to Iowa cold and hot.

and yes the battery in the rav was swapped out last fall.
it was date stamped 10 years 2 months!
but it has a good battery charger on board!
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