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Best Cold Air Intake?

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I have a 4 cylinder 2011 Rav4 sport and I am looking to install a cold air intake. I am unsure what cold air intake would be the best. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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I took am looking for a cold air intake, I bought one off eBay by Cosmo racing
try the K&N Short ram air intake

It won't give you any performance increase unless you mess around with your ECU "reflash it or chip it"
That's about as good as your gonna get
I have a 2011 rav4 Sport so trust me on what I'm saying

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The factory intake is already a cold air intake, and it flows more air than any normally aspirated engine can use.

OTOH, adding a K&N or some other washable filter will allow you to enjoy increased oil consumption 100,000 miles sooner than other Rav4 owners.
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