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Blew a hole in my radiator after i hit a big pig on the road

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Need help! Hey my name is Joey I have a 2004 rav4 l with a 4cyl awd. I was driving at night when a big pig ran in front of my car. I accidentally hit it and it took off. But anyway the day I drove to work and as soon as I pulled in the parking stall the radiator cracked on the top. Had it towed to my house took the old radiator out then put the used one in. Drove it for a good 35 miles everything was good. Then the next morning I noticed it was running weak so I pulled in the gas station and as soon as I stopped it turned off. So I looked in and noticed the bottom hose was rubbing on the fan belt and put a hole in it. Towed to my house and replaced the hose. After I did that I started it and noticed some pinkish oil or trans fluid coming out of radiator as I was filling it up. Turned on the rav4 and now it was running like it was missing or miss firing? I looked at my oil dipstick and no coffee in it so I dont think I blew the head gasket? Drove it about 5 miles and it died about 5 times. Finally I drove it again and not even 2 miles it died on me. And now it wont crank over. Looked at dip stick and it still looks the same as it always does no water in there. By the way my temp gauge never went past half way. So do I have to get new thermostat , water pump, radiator, hoses, and do a head gastkit change too?