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'01 Rav4

I just bought a Nokia Bluetooth headset for the car. Besides looking like a tool, i'm now regreting it b/c it seems the two times i've turned it on in the car, minutes later, the power locks begin to fire away... they seem to be unlocking sporatically, sometimes just once, sometimes 3-8 times in a row. The door lock controls on both the door and my keyless entry remote won't work at all to lock or unlock the doors, even as the motors fire to unlock sporatically...

the first time this went on for 30 minutes as i was driving home from work, and i was able to lock the car manually from the inside and then the drivers side door when i got out. The alarm activated and the car didn't unlock itself over night. when i woke up the next morning, everything was back to normal. the keyless remote worked, the door controlls worked, and there was no sporatic firing of the locking motors.

2 days later (today), i turned on the bluetooth device on my way into work, and the same problem happened.

Is it at all possible that my Toyota installed keyless alarm/entry (although it isn't "factory", its an aftermarket - a whole other story of the dealer f'n up my order) can be interfered w/ by this bluetooth device?

i've got an appointment w/ my dealer tomorrow, but would like to save some cash on the diagnosis if i know just to junk the bluetooth.

thanks for any respone, very much appreciated...
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