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Bluetooth phone connection shows phone call still active even though I have hung up

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I purchased the 2022 toyota corolla cross in Dec. I was very happy with the car until about 5 months later when one of the blue-tooth functions just stopped working. I can use my carplay for music & for the navigation, I can use the bluetooth for receiving & sending text messages & I can use the bluetooth to make calls, however, all of a sudden when I am on the phone & I use the touch screen, the button on the wheel, or when someone else hangs up, the phone call will not disconnect. It says I am still talking & the counter is going. Sometimes I get it is still dialing. I have to go into my phone & turn off the bluetooth for it to disconnect the call. This all started as soon as I did an update on my Galaxy Ultra S21 on May 2022. I paired my son's phone & it also does not work & he has the Pixel phone. I went to chantilly location to see about this issue & they tried for 3 hours to update the software. Even after all that they said it still did not work. I was told from the service dept they would have to put in a ticket w/ toyota for a fix. I called Toyota several times to report this issue. Every time I was told we are working on it. I am now told that they can't & will not fix this issue. They said that it has to be a problem with my phone. They want me to uninstall all of my apps, texts & pic to see if that is the issue.
Here is the phone number to call Toyota. I was told for everyone on here to call 800-331-4331 & your own dealership to complain. The more complaints the sooner Toyota will fix this issue.
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