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Have damage to left rear qtr panel and liftgate on our 2015 Rav4 after backing into metal dumpster. Damage not too bad, but will require body work on both qtr panel and liftgate.
Rec'd 3 estimates for repair: 2 were $1300; 1 was about $600. All 3 have excellent reviews (google, yelp, angies list).

Main difference apparently is painting the rear qtr panel. The company with low estimate would paint qtr panel up to the crease/fold/bend at the rear taillight. The other 2 would paint the entire qtr panel all around the back window on the qtr panel and above the doors to the roof rack to the seam on the A-pillar (?) at front door. This would require removing the back rear window panel and roof rack. Also, the lower estimate would reuse the "Rav4" and "Limited" plates on the liftgate; the other 2 would install new ones - they said original ones could not be reused & would fall off eventually.

The two with the higher estimates said that stopping the repainting process on the qtr panel is not advisable as the new paint could start separating from the old within a yr or so due to sun, rain, etc. I can see their point, but would like other opinions before proceeding with the repair.

Thanks for advice/opinions.
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