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Good morning y'all!
I have been on this site many times as a guest. Yesterday I finally joined.
This week I need to not do any guess work.
So I come to the masters On bended knee in humility!
I have a first-generation, 1997 Rav4.
The passenger side motor mount bracket bolts, which go to the block, are broken or missing.
The specific information I need is the size of those bolts and the thread count.
This car has 191,000 miles on it. I am not planning on keeping it more than about 6 months. So I need to do the repair and I am not worried about cosmetics.
To get to where I need to on this engine I will be cutting out the steel firewall with a Sawzall. The area between the firewall and engine is so tight I can't get a phone or camera down and take a picture of it.
So I believe once I cut out the firewall I can replace or extract broken bolts.

I did take pictures of the mount.
In my first career of choice I was a trained, licensed mechanic. I did that for 15 years or so.
I'm 57 years old and my body is beat up. I've had 4 spinal fusions so I am no longer that young, strapping, flexible young man I once was.
Today Archimedes is my friend!
I do my best to no longer just use brute force.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!


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Cutting a hole the size of a basketball in the firewall of a uni-body car, does not sound like a good plan.
Much of the body stiffness in built into the layers of the firewall.

It would be better to just drop the engine a foot to reach those bolts.
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