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Hello all,

i have a 2014 with a broken radio, (constantly resetting on blue screen) and am looking to buy another oem radio to replace, problem is the wiring, my current wiring is the exact same as this radio

2014 2015 Toyota Rav4 AM FM CD Player Radio ID100326 PN:86140-0R100 OEM LKQ | eBay

but all i can find are ones like these

14 2014 15 2015 Toyota Rav4 CD Player Radio ID:100328 PN:86140-0R090 OEM LKQ | eBay

and i would love to use this, but the wiring is different, i do not have space to plug in the black wire that goes to the bottom left and the white one in the middle right. also i belive the box is for xm but i might be wrong, so what would i be losing by going with this radio

oh and also wil it be a problem that it is a canadian car?
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