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Not really as further explained in the video linked above @13min mark.
Some type of separate amp is required in order to properly drive decent aftermarket speakers IMHO...

Having swapped all 6 speakers and added an amp to my 2019 RAV4 here are a couple of items to keep in mind during your install:

Until you get an amplifier the 2 pair front speakers at 3ohm each (2dash+2door) will appear as @1.5ohm to the factory head unit since they will be wired in parallel. I'm not sure how well the factory head unit will be able to handle this 1.5ohm load at full volume as I had added the external amp in order to drive all 4 door speakers minus the 2 dash which continue to be driven by the stock head unit.

You will find the pair of speaker wires feeding each of the 4 doors are on the short side and are meant to plug into the stock speakers from the outside of the door behind the panel. I had to actually pull/trim back the loom on all 4 doors to expose enough length of wire in order to feed the wire inside of the door to be able to terminate onto the replacement speakers since I didn't use any type of adapter/jumper cable and just spliced into the harness.
Thanks! The last time I did car audio was maybe 15 years ago when you had to run a fat gauge wire to the 12V battery to power the amp. Since the amp you purchased is so small do you have to run a wire through the firewall straight to the battery as well? Or is there another available power source to tap into? #caraudionoob
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