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How can I access the G4 Connector? I just want to add bass to my rav4, and will only be installing the Basspro Hub. I don´t want to disassemble door panels and fish cables. I think I would prefer just to splice the 3&8 and 4&9 cables on the G4 Connector (if I´m not wrong), and run them thru side edge plastic covers.

Did you obtain the signal for the Basspro hub from the Rear Door Speakers, or Front Door Speakers?

Did you needed to connect the remote blue cable? If I´m not wrong, I should not be needing to connect this cable if I´m using high level input.

I know Im asking a lot, but since you have the G4 plug in your glove compartment, can you please tell me the colors of the appropriate cables?

I will really appreciate your help, and any knowledge and info you can bring to my project.
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