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Im not sure where this would belong in the forum, but some friends were smoking in the car and well, the leather got burnt. So now the front passenger seat has a brown mark near the left shoulder. It hasn't burnt all the way through, just a brown dot about the diameter of a cig butt. Does anyone know a way to fix this ? I was just thinking using very very very fine sand paper and sanding it down. Maybe 1000grit if they make those. Any products ??

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Just a suggestion...

Try one of those Sharpie permanent markers in a VERY obscure place on your leather.
If it covers without looking obvious/goofy, then try "painting" over the brown spot with the Sharpie.

I'd bet your leather is the "painted" leather anyway, vs. dyed all the way thru, so the Sharpie trick just might work. Else, try black shoe dye vs. the Sharpie trick.

IMHO, either way is better than roughing the surface of the painted leather.

Just an idea!

Addendum... Before trying either idea, consider searching around at the following website for an answer;

These folks are professional and amateur auto detailers and they are DEEP into anything to do with exterior and interior care and maintenance. A good site regardless of your car.

Be advised that they are heavy into the jargon of their trade.
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