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Can I use these fuse locations for 12V power? (Images)

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See images, there are a few empty fuse locations in my Fuse box. 2017 hybrid limited. Can I tap these for power with a fuse tap adapter ( ?

I need to power something that requires 12v and is about 100w. I assume a 10 amp fuse should be enough for this. Can I just plug a 10 amp fuse in one of these locations and make the power connection and ground and will that be safe? I have Mayday, Towing and S-Horn all empty in my Fuse box.

Final question, I need to run 1 wire into the cabin. I see the firewall penetration by the driver side brake pedal but it looks like its a solid sealed gasket. Whats the best way to run from engine bay to inside vehicle?

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I doubt if its easily visible, which side is live. If you dont have a multimeter, then maybe you have a light bulb with a wire soldered on to determine the live side.

You could also put the piggyback adapter in place with the lower fuse missing, there should be no power on your new red accessory supply wire if the adapter is in wrong way round.
great advice, you all have been very helpful thanks again. I will test with a multimeter to be sure. I am on the hunt to find a 10+ amp that shuts off when the car ignition is off.

My rav has 2 fuse boxes in the engine bay, on the passenger side fuse box there is a 20 AMP DEICER fuse. I am using this currently but surprised to find out that it is still powered even after the vehicle is off for 30+ minutes, is that normal? Is there an existing guide somewhere on this forum with which fuses are constant vs switched?

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Is there an existing guide somewhere on this forum with which fuses are constant vs switched?
not that I know of. Cars can vary from one to another evn in the same model for various reasons so it's best to test and find out for sure on your own vehicle. Try with the ignition in "ACC" mode, and engine running. Some times even locking/ unlocking doors can be involved.
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