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Is the #23 key(s) included? One lock looks as if a screwdriver was used in it. If no key(s), I'd replace the locks.
Also get the four black-rubber mounting blocks as well as the four black metal attaching hooks. The sides hinge down to release from the roof -- if no key ask if they are unlocked otherwise he/you can't get the racks off.

If there's an intact optional center console cubby (about 5 inches wide by 14 inches long; with padded opening top; installs with black screws into the standard console's rear cup holder), you might want to grab that too (and its mounting hardware). Even if you don't need it, it would be an easy-sell for ~$100 if in excellent condition.

LMK if he has the hold-downs/attaching points for the optional rear (black stretch cord) cargo mesh.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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