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@ NewtoRavworld .... FWIW, I love my 2021 Hybrid XLE Premium with JBL sound. I know some folks have ragged on that JBL but it rocks for me, as is .... stock.

I'm averaging 40mpg with a mix of highway & city driving.

Since taking possession in May 2021, I've done quite a few upgrades and mods; most are easy to do and reasonably inexpensive ... door bowl lights, illuminated window, side mirror and lock switches, LED interior lights, LED fogs, LED back up lights, 4 port USB Hub splitter, VSS (vehicle speed sensor) on/off mod, added Audio Aux In circuit, Sunvisor (labelectomy) safety label removal, Gentex auto dimming mirror w/compass (about $45 used from ebay), dash mounted USB fast charger port, door edge-guard molding, L/R Headlight rubber gasket seals, custom fit floor mats (inexpensive WT knockoffs).

Good luck with whatever you select.
Where'd you get your custom floor mats? I stupidly left the all-weather driver's side floor mat in my totaled '20 Rav4 but grabbed all others... Literally left the most important one (perhaps aside from the cargo because of dogs).
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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