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I am one of these persons always looking to upgrade my car audio system. It happens with every car I have owned. I have queried this forum before on feedback for small amplified/subwoofers and have gotten some good answers.

But given the lack of space in the RAV 4 and unknown potential sound quality after an install I have continued to wait and search for ones other than the Infinity Basslink and Bazooka tubes. I even found a 6" Kenwood but an audio guy measured under the passenger front seat which would be the obvious place and felt it wouldn't clear the height of the woofer.

So I am back to the Infinity. I have reservations of drilling into the floor of the trunk for installation and not being able to use the remote since the woofer will be at the back of the car blocked by seats. I also am waiting for the $300.00 price tag for a unit on the market for two years, to come down. I also need to pay for someone to install it.

Any other suggestions? I mainly want to fill out the bass, conserve space, and not feel I wasted my money.

Thanks, guys.

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hey there - first off what kind of system do u have now - is it stock or aftermarket? what kind of music do u listen to and how loud? how often do u use the cargo area? there are plenty of options out there but itll take some sacrifice somewhere.
if u have stock speakers u can get some really good door speakers and hook an amp up to em. that will increase ur bass a little bit. if ur looking for a little more then that then u can go with the amplified tubes or basslink. now another option then bazooka and infinity is the audiobahn bass tube. it has a wired bass control that can be mounted on or around the dash so u can control it plus it will cost u less then the infinity. it comes with all the cables needed for installation where the infinity doesnt. the sound quality is pretty good too but it will take up some room in the cargo area.

now i just bought my rav about 2 weeks ago. i was driving a geo tracker so this is a MAJOR upgrade for space. even in the tracker i had 2 amps - sub - 6 speakers - sat radio - and 6 disc changer. i have all of it installed in my rav now except 2nd amp and speakers. i have a small 10 inch box in the cargo area and the cool thing is if i have to take it out all i do is unhook two speaker wires and out comes the box. if u go with the powered subs ull have to unhook power-ground-rca's or speaker wires. i doubt ill ever have to take it out anyway...yesterday i put a big tool box in there by folding the rear seat forward and the sub stayed in its spot. its heavy enough that it wont move around too so i dont have to drill through anything.

have u listened to the bass link and some amplified door speakers? there was a post on here where someone had built custom boxes that looked really good and took up no space at all in the cargo area. so thats another option.

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The best way to upgrade your current Audio system without spending too much are:

1. Replace the Oem speakers with 3 ways. Front speakers are 6" and rear are 4"

2. If you have tweeters as stock, replace them with some components and a 3 way 4" at the rear.

3. Make sure you have a 4 channel amp for this job, and anything around and above 800watts will do the job.

4. For better sound effect on the 4 door models. Drill the rear doors and fit a 2way 6" into it. Do not use the rear speakers. It will cause resonance. Infact, put a 12" sub at the rear with an amp there. This will give you a good bang for buck.

Overall setup cost is less than US$500.00
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