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I have a Yakima gear tray for wet kayaking gear which I suspended between my Yakima racks on my old S10 Blazer...

Bought the 494-016-0221 YAKIMA MIGHTYMOUNT (23H model) which fits the RAV racks great and lets my gear tray sit just on top of the cross bars. I use vinyl gear bags to carry roof stuff instead of the cargo boxes...

An additional bonus: I fixed the MightyMounts to accept an Oak Crossbar which sits above the crossbars and over the sidebars... this allows me to carry nasty ladders, lumber and other stuff which would scratch the nice black finish of the roof racks.

MightyMounts were $32 for a set of four from REI.

I have a Yakima RocketBox (bought '01?) and a SportsWorks bike rack (using a 70785 Hidden Hitch) on my 2006 Sport "Tomato".

We just returned from a 4600 mike trip from Michigan to Northwest Montana with just the RocketBox, and we had NO problems.

Please see my Album.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts