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Cdy-2E Fully Disable Traction Control?

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Hello everyone, full discloser, I used to drive a 2012 Prius C 4 and because the original pre facelift cars didn’t have a traction control button, I wanted to find out how to fully disable the system. I found a video
that demonstrated the “pedal dance” to put the car into Maintenance Mode and fully disable the traction control. Fast forward to today, I wanted to try this on the new car, a 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE and guess what? That exact pedal dance does the same thing except it displays the message “Cdy-2E”. I made a video for those interested in seeing this
. So I personally haven’t done a burn out or drifted the car to test out if it really does disable all systems but I’m curious if this mode really does disable everything but I’m really curious on just how many Toyota models that this “pedal dance” works on.
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Free bump.

This would be a pretty beneficial "feature" for anyone wanting to take their RAV4H off road - if it does work.
Yeah the MID says that Traction Control and VSC are both fully disabled. Pushing the traction control button when the car is in this mode also does nothing so it’s truly off until the car is restarted.
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