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Has anyone considered changing the USB / Aux jack to the glove compartment or inside the armrest?

I have several options and I do not know if they are possible and by which one of them decide:

1 Option:

Buy a second usb cable to connect it to the back of the radio and take it to the glove compartment. But I do not know if our radio has that possibility. It looks more elegant and would keep the original usb

2 Option:

Buy a USB / AUX cable and transfer the connection either to the glove compartment and the armrest

Here I have two variants

2a Option:

Connect it directly to the current USB / Aux connection and let the connection be seen and then hide the cable to the final location

2b Option:

Hide the original USB / Aux connector (dropping it inside the console) and buy a cover to cover the hole and already from a hidden location take the cable to the desired location.

Someone has done?

Thanks in advance.
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