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Are you tired of your plain factory seat covers or want to hide any existing damage on them without spending a fortune? Then our new release is for you – Rixxu Custom Seat Covers. They provide a protective barrier from all the common issues and keep your seats safe from all types of spills, dirt, debris, UV damage, and frictions, helping you maintain your car's resale value.

They will make your interior more cozy and enjoyable for you and your passengers. These seat covers are made of durable and breathable polyester fabric with sturdy PVC edging and are easy to install or remove. They are available for the front and rear seats and backed by a 1-year warranty. Find out more about each style they come in from our tech expert Greg in the video above.

Multiple color options are available!

Rixxu™ | Emoji Pillows, Pet Collars, Tire & Gas Grill Covers —

Classic Series Seat Covers

Designer Series Seat Covers

Slimline Series Seat Covers

Taffeta Series Seat Covers

Give your interior a whole new look and effective protection for your cabin with Rixxu Seat Covers!​
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