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Hello all. I just bought a 98 rav 4 with 120k on it. I was told the timing belt had just been replaced and the mechanic had told the lady that it needed a new motor mount. It vibrates a fair amount in drive while still and low gear acceleration. Since I read that its not too hard I went ahead and bought the 2 front ones. Ive seen videos on different cars and looked at the threads here (alot of the pictures are gone) about replacing them but Im having an issue.

Replacing the front right (the bell shaped one). Is it just the three bolts? I removed all three bolts visible from the top and it was still stuck on there. I noticed on the new one that there are threads pointing downward right in the center underneath. I cant access the bottom of the old mount from under the vehicle as theres stuff blocking it. I admit im not the most knowledgeable mechanic but I really like this vehicle and want to have some fun with it, modding it up and working on it myself. It will be my daily driver as well.

I appreciate any help.
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