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changing spark plugs

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today i wanted to switch out my old spark plugs but dont even know where they are located. are they under that cover that houses the air filter or else wheres? could some 1 please let me know where they are barried. thanks
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They are located under the big black air filter box on top of the engine. I think you should be able to access all four of them without having to remove the filter box. All you have to do is remove the front cover of the filter box (and the air filter so it does't get dirty) using the two snaps on the left side of the box. The front cover of the air filter box has that intake tube sticking out towards the coolant reservoir. Before you unhook and remove the front cover of the air box, you can unhook the tube from the its little mount near the radiator, so that you can remove the air box cover and tube in one piece.

Each spark plug is buried a few inches into the top of the valve cover, with the ignition coil on top. The coils are held in with two 10mm? hex bolts per coil, so all you have to do is loosen up the bolts and pull off the coils like you would with standard spark plug wires.

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Thanks jeff for the quick get back. My dad and I were looking at that spot under the black box and unbloted 1 of the coils but he wasnt sure since you cant see the plug after that. the rav being a newer make he didnt want to tamper with it and same with me.
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