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I just installed the BeneVento Dual Flap sunroof deflector. Installation was pretty straightforward. A few twists with a philipshead and your done.

First impressions were "I'm too old for F-16 fighter flaps" but they look sweet and function really well. The BeneVento decals on the flaps is slightly overpowering it would have been classier to etch it in once on a corner flap. Maybe, the decals will grow on me. Some of the edging in the flap area could have been smoothed more but in general it felt well-built.

Perhpas, it is just the angle of my vision, but to me it looks like the slight slope of the deflector might retain water. We shall see. It's easy to clean and changes the sound of the wind from a gusting hair flying wind to a quiter different wind sound. Hair flying is over. You can adjust the flaps to allow a pleasant amount of airflow into the car. It feels more like an AC duct from the roof. This is a good thing and wonderful idea. The flaps while adjustable seem to be on the free side and there wasnt any friction type mechanism holding the flaps at set angles. However, this proved not to be a problem in my local speeding around and vented aireflow very nicely.

It's darker now in the car and the shield blocks out alot of the sun. I think you would be able to have this open on the highway and not get hit by some rain shower.

Don't worry, you can still use it as an escape hatch if you are ditching the wife in the river. I'm not sure why I know that.

Pictures to come...
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