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Hey all. I'm new to this forum, certainly not new to car forums. I lurked here the past few days searching for info on this nasty ltitle job. I can't seem to find a decent download for a manual. I can always buy a Haynes or Chilton but would prefer a factory Toyota version.

The vehicle is a stock 1996 Rav4, manual transmission, 4wd and is the four door model (5 doors for those of you have to count the hatch). I would love to know if it has the torsen lsd in the rear diff. Would be a nice litttle surprise. We have owned this truck since 98.

I found a nice little write up by Eric the car guy but that includes a complete rebuild of the engine as well. Not that I'm opposed to that.

I have replaced an engine and clutch in an Evo I once owned. So I am no stranger to jobs that downright suck. I have engine stands, cherry picker, large garage and all tools required. Except my darn torque wrench. I will need another one. I also haven't chosen a clutch kit yet and I will be redoing the shocks, springs, possibly bushings too. The poor truck smokes on startup so I assume my valve seals are toast. A minor engine overhaul may be in order as well. New bearings, fresh rings and rebuilt head. I expect this to take me around 6 months. Financials being the worst part of the job for me.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all and happy new year!
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