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Hi my CEL came on the other day and started running rough, also a really bad fuel smell whitch gets worse when the tanks full. I have a code reader that gives real time info on various system's like oxygen sencers ETC but i have no idea how to use it. Any ideas.

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To connect to your OBDII port, look under the driver's side dash, it is just forward and above the gas pedal, simply plug it in and turn on your car.

:surprise The fuel smell can be a few things
- A leaking fuel line, vent line, or tank fill hose
- A damaged charcoal cannister
- A leaking fuel cap
- A damaged fuel tank

My recommendation is to immediately stop using your RAV4 and inspect those lines and fuel tank. Look under the car driver's side under the driver's seat and you will see a plastic cover, remove it and inspect the brake and fuel lines. My hard lines were badly corroded at the retaining clips and just waiting to rupture. My rubber fuel lines were cracked...

A 20 year old vehicle has some things that must be replaced
- All rubber fuel lines, vent lines, and tank fill hose and only replace with fuel line hoses with fuel line, some parts places will just grab some hose and hand it to you. The are several above the fuel tank, you can pull the access panels under the rear seats to gain access. To replace the tank fill hose, take the rear driver side tire off and you will see a cover, remove it and the hose is right there.
- All vacuum lines, vacuum lines get hard, brittle, and crack with age, they will cause all manner of problems when they fail
- The rubber brake lines
- All belts and hoses

You can probably do all this yourself, but if you cannot don't go to a dealership, because they usually charge way more. If you have to send her out for work, find a reputable mom & pop shop.

Hope this helps, keep us posted on what you find and what your course of action is.
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