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Cold air Intake, How much power?

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Is it worth me ripping out the stock airbox and installing a Cold Air Intake (conical filter and new pipe?) How much is this gonna cost me, how much is gonna give me( power wise) and how much noise is it gonna make?
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Well, I'm speaking because of my personal experience. Yes it does work. As long as you are willing to go all the way. This is intake, Header, Exhausts pipe 2.25, and Muffler. It will pick up about 8 to 9 HP, some fuel economy, [depending on driving habits] and a cool sound. The Intake Kit offered by RAV4OZ, is even better. Your engine will suck up all the cold air from the bottom of the RAV4 splash shroud and direct it to your intake. A little test with a little pocket rocket. Check it out below.
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