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Colors "Out of Inventory" What does this mean?

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So using the build tool on, the Hybrid XLE shows all but 2 exterior colors as out of inventory. Does this mean that they just are not making cars in this color anymore, or they just can't find one not spoken for in their delivery system. Not gonna lie, I am not in love with these colors.

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Really does not matter since anything you find in a hybrid is already allocated. When the dealer calls you he will put you on a wait list for a car that is close to your spec.

Save time and go down to a dealer. Ideally several. Be the squeeky wheel. Sometimes if you build a rapport at a high volume dealership they may move you up faster.

There was an article in Automotive News (subscription required) that Toyota had solved its chip shortage issues and would be increasing production. No specifics as to country of manufacture or models in the article. Be optimistic. All those coders and middle managers being laid-off in the Tech industry will stop buying and start making more labor available.
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