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complete boost loss 3000 revs and over

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Hi all am new here have a issue with a Rav 4 2.0D4d 2005 hot or cold drives with no issues, no smoke no mil light no fault codes. up to about 3000 revs all is good. if accelerate hard in any gear it feels like it looses I think boost. it is as if you take foot of accelerate pedal and put back to full throttle a few times. If you shut your eyes you would think this is what the driver was doing it will rev round to over 4000 revs but stutters on the way. no mil light is on any time and no fault codes at all.

work carried out so far. (We have a 2nd fully working rav 4 lucky me.)


1 Changed fuel filter NEW.
2 Clean egr valve. looks good clean free anyway.
3 Changed pipes and solenoid's from good car all 3 on side of head. boost solenoid etc
4 Changed pipes from 1 to other including vacuum pipes.
5 Changed 2 x SCV valves on fuel pump.
6 checked turbo inlet shaft no major play and free.

very rare but sometimes will just rev straight round to 4000+ no problem when driving.

will 100% post results to any test or idea.

thanks in advance.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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