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Convertible Top Replacement

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How is it that there is no US availability for a RAV4 replacement soft top? I just bought a jade green 1998 with a very well gorilla-taped soft top that will never fold down. It has plexiglass windows and seems quite weathertight, so fine for this winter. However, I am already dreaming about dropping the top come spring. It looks like my options are local custom fabrication or a german manufacturer and secondary shipping since they wont ship to the US. Why can I buy a top for literally any other type of Toyota, a Tracker, or even a Kia Sportage? Has anyone ever tried to fit a Sportage soft top to the RAV4? Any helpful suggestions or information to aid my topless quest?
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The cost of an OEM replacement, even if available, would probably still be astronomical. You could probably have custom reupholstery done by a shop for much less.
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