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Somewhere I've read that Toyota shop manual states that 4.2 Ravs should not be flushed with pure water or flush chemicals, that any flush should be done with new coolant mix, for 2003 Rav that would be LL red concentrate mixed about 50% with distilled water, something about pure water flushes removing the coolant passivization layer from cooling system metals. Can anyone confirm this.

Aside from that question this BITOG thread about differences between Long Life and Super Long Life coolant chemistry make me think I want to continue using the red Long Life coolant and not change to the Super Long Life in this Rav.

The pH of the coolant in this Rav is at about 7.5 or better so still should be good for a bit longer but starting to look slightly cloudy.

Toyota red long life & pink super long life same? | Cooling System Fluids & Additives | Bob Is The Oil Guy
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