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Cooper Weather Master s/t2 for RAV?

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These oddball 225s w/17" tires are a real pain. By having these it sure limits the availability. So I was thinking of using these Cooper tires for my 2015 RAV AWD.

I would prefer to go into light truck tires but was afraid to sacrifice the quiet ride. A set of 4 Wrangler Territories would certainly handle anything thrown at it, but it would be one bumpy ride all winter. Same goes for the other aggressive off road tires. All the same, I can't get them starting in 225s with 17s anyway. You can't get these off roads under 235s usually anyway.

So I'm going to settle with these Coopers.

BTW: What's wrong with Toyota's site. It doesn't like you approaching the site with buying your own brand tires for them to install. Heck, as far as I care, Toyota could buy them wholesale and sell and install them to me, what do I care as long as they're at competitive cost and install is reasonable. The site just allows you to enter your vehicle, then "appoints" the tire it decides is OK for it. What a crock!

So what do you think of these Coopers with a summer changeover plan? Thnx.
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I've seen these center channels on the tire patterns, and I was going to get the CTC Motomaster(forget its name) with the same solid uninterrupted center layout. It got an excellent review too. I know they use it to act as a bridge for the row of square lugs when they come around and hit the pavement which would make them noisy. Also for the center row, for once I can see the logic of a better hold on cornering, that makes sense. But frankly I'd rather take the noise and have an extra row of lugs on the pattern.

Thanks for the info.

....Now if I can find a CTC that actually inventories four of the oddball sizes., Argghhhh!
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