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Corolla vs new civic

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I just picture of new civic parked on street from autobog. Well it looks nice. People on civic site said it makes corolla look old. Well not really its probably the best looking one in a way. I like its look. After reading some reviews. If this two models fight it out. I would like to see TOYOTA improve its driving dynamics. It seems this what some so called experts complain the most about. The see a lot of corolla on the road. It will be interesting for coming yr to see these two fight for sales.
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If you're over 6ft and 200lbs, forget the Civic.
We have NGV Civics in our pool fleet at work.
They are a dream to drive. Getting in and out is a nightmare.
The Corolla is no Buick, but I can get in and out of one much more easily than the Civic, and will likely replace the Tacoma with a Corolla.

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I drove a new Camry yesterday,it was a very nice car.I was very impressed,in the end I wanted an SUV.But if a sedan was my goal,I do not know how you could fault the new Camry.Call me old,but I can not imagine anyone needing more.All this new electronic crap is lost on me I admit I don't care.Other than that the Camry was a car I could drive anyplace in North America.Light years better than the 07 I had or my daughters 2000 for sure.And the rebates are awesome,if a sedan would work these need looked at.I only say this because if a sedan could work,you should at least look at one.
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