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Hi RAV4 Team,
I finally cleaned out my sunroof drain holes this weekend as well as the drain tubes. While doing that I noticed one of the now-exposed connectors under the dash was wet and upon further inspection was full of corrosion on one side of the female housing. Pins showed corrosion there as well. Door locks were randomly firing. After brushing off the pins and the female side as well as possible, then drying them out, it seemed to fix the door lock issue. However, i still need to find a way to remove the connectors and clean them as well as the corrosion inside the housing.

First question: can i clean the connectors without removing them by using a product like WD-40 Specialty Electrical Connection Cleaner?

Second Q: if not, what kind of removal tool should i buy to get the connectors out without damaging them?

Thanks in advance!
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