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Hey guys, got a 2011 Rav4 (4 cylinder) that's doing a crank no start. Here's what I have tried:

  • We have no spark at the ignition coils. Pulled them out and tested against the block, they're all not sparking.
  • Battery is only a few years old and is at full charge and capacity
  • We do have confirmed power at the plug where the wires plug into the ignition coils.
  • Replaced the ignition coils and still nothing. Plan on trying spark plugs tomorrow.
  • All fuses and relays are in good shape.
  • Engine is grounded well.
  • Only code is for an O2 sensor, but that was there for awhile when the car was operating normally.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong with the car?

Also, first post here, already liking the support everyone shows!
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