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Hello everyone,

I have owned my rav for a little over a year. It is a 2000 rav4, 4 door, awd, automatic, 150k miles

Last week I had a problem with the alternator. So I replaced it with one from a donor Rav I have. That seemed to take care of the problem. Ran fine with the battery disconnected.

I then took it down the road headed to the gas station because I was very low on fuel. About a half mile down the road, it died on me. I assumed it was a lack of fuel, but even after adding five gallons of fuel, it still will not start, it would try and fire a couple times, but will not start even with starter fluid directly into the intake. Also, good fuel pressure.

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance!!

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Hey moodytraveler, welcome to the forum.

The way to diagnose these problems is FASTEC!

F - Fuel
A - Air
S - Spark
T - Timing
E - Exhaust
C - Compression

I reference a lot of YouTube videos and here is one that is very useful to diagnose your issue:

I hope this helps, please keep us informed on what you find.
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