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Hi all,

I have a 2001 RAV4 (5-door) in Botswana and I have been trying to find the roof rails and cross-rails as well as a nudge bar for it but with no luck.

I have thus started thinking about if it would be possible to have a metal fabricator make me roof rails and a roof rack to match as well as a nudge bar for the front. Is that a feasible option, provided the fabricator knows how to do it, i.e. are the fittings more or less standard for the nudge bar and the roof rails, so that it would just be a matter of the fabricator making something according to size and then mounting the nudge bar on existing brackets and bolting the roof rails/rack on the existing bolts on the roof?

Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated and if someone has photos and plans of such modifications, it would be great to see them.

Thanks a lot.
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