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Installed the Blackvue 650 2 channel camera this afternoon in my daughters new Rav4..
Firstly I must apologize as I did not take any photos but I will when she returns with the vehicle.
Below I'll provide extensive install follows..

So the vehicle is a new 2016 Rav4 Limited with all options (sunroof).

The camera is this Welcome to BlackVue | DR650GW-2CH and as I have one currenly in my ML63 and a similar in my Corvette I can vouch that the unit is quite good...I also have one going into my new Porsche Turbo S next week

1- remove map light console..pull hard at all corners..held to roof with 4 push anchors that pull out of holes and press back in for re-install

2 - remove 2 *********** for lights & sunroof switch..the other goes to sunroof module

3- get power from blue wire off the white wire harness you removed from the sunroof module and ground to the metal lateral bracket there with self tapping screw..I think the blue wire is full time hot...I hope so as I wish the camera to remain on full time..they take little power and if you drive the vehicle even every other day they will not drain down the vehicle (as per my other cars don't)

4- I used the cig cable that came with the camera and cut the end off using red for hot and black for camera end from above headliner ..there is enough space between windshield to camera location ( I put in front of passenger side clearing window tint/screen as high as possible)...wire entry faces passenger door

5- chase rear wire from camera along passenger side of vehicle (front camera gets the wire with angled male connector) to back of vehicle along the headliner edge...a tool for pressing wire in helps,behind door seals,,pillar edges to back center of tailgate...very easy and neat

6-remove upper inner tailgate trim bezel..pry off..again push pins (it's tough but does snap off) and pivot up to remove

7-at rear roof gate area pull away rubber gasket and pry roof liner valence away slightly at two press pin locations in the middle so you can get your fingers in far enough to grab wire and, remove right side rubber conduit wire grommet from top and bottom by pulling out of holes,,they will go back in easily later....notch the top and bottom of the grommets to accommodate the camera wire and feed camera wire up though rubber conduit up to camera location..keep wire to driver side of camera location as input into camera is on drivers side..

8-position camera to rear glass and adhere as high towards top of glass as it will is easily twisted later to get proper angle as is the front camera

That's quickly the basics...darn if I had pics it would all make sense,,,it's an easy clean install and again should come as standard equipment.

The camera needs some configuration to meet your specifics.
It can take a much larger card which I recommend.
I stay away from the cloud option..for now anyways...heard not good things and not needed really

The camera is nice as it records sat position, time, speed etc and although the rear is not the resolution the front it it's fine

I turn the sensitivity of parking almost to lowest position as it's too sensitive and records plenty of nothing

You can add a Power Magic Pro device that turns camera off when vehicle power reaches a preset threshold...I have one and don't use it..

Would be pleased o answer any questions..cheers

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This is nice to see...I put a camera in our new LE. I ran the power cable to the outlet in the back seat. Not being familiar with the power wires and colours for power I will wait to rewire it. I don't have a sun roof but would love to see some pics.
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