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Hey guys,

If anyone ever wanted to know why anyone would bother with a Rav4, send em my way!

I had never even looked twice at a Rav4, when my 96 2 door manual pretty much fell into my hands, 5 years ago.

I needed a new night rally car (here in the Isle of Man night rallies take place in forest, on public roads and bumpy tracks) and I thought this thing might survive better with the extra ground clearance over the BMW I had been running (and modifying and fixing all the time). I had never had ANY desire to own a RAV4, and knew very little about them. I own 4-5 other cars many of which I use like white goods, I don’t get too excited about stuff like this.

But 5 years on, I have never had to modify it, save for fitting a bash guard and spot lights, and it has been absolutely bomb proof. And I don’t really maintain it, nor do I whimp out of smash8ng over any obstacle really. I also joined the local 4x4 club and go to off-roading events where it often holds its own, even soldiering on where highly modified Land Rovers we’re getting stuck.

No one can believe the abuse it soaks up, and how capable it is off-road, considering its road car roots, hence it has been named Dave the Rave4.

Completely unbelievably, it is also quite capable at being driven fast on road. over the TT festival, I regularly flew flat out over the unrestricted Mountain Road, cornering at over 100mph at times (on AT tyres) (see below) It’s literally unbelievable.

In some ways I don’t want to let people in on the secret of how good these things are, but I also can’t help telling people, who don’t believe me either until I show them!

You’ll find a few videos here of Dave the Rave loving life:

Dave vs Land Rovers offroad

Dave Top Speed Run

Dave scaring an accountant

Dave vs IOM TT Course and the world

Hope this has entertained you for a few minutes of your day.

All the best,
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