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When I went to a Toyota dealer to buy coolant, a clerk asked me what year's model my RAV4 is. When I asked him if there is difference of coolant between different Toyota vehicles, he confirmed that coolant for post-2003 vehicles is different from that used in older models.
1. What's difference between these two kinds of coolant?
2. What's difference between engine block materials corresponding to the two different coolant?
3. If use post-2003 coolant in pre-2003 vehicles or oppsite, what impact can I expect?

Hmm, that's suprising.

In any case, you should use a formulation with no silicates, phosphates or borates. I've found that Zerex Extreme life meets those criteria and I've used it in our Hondas and Toyotas since they have those aluminum cylinder heads.

I'd think that the most important thing is to make sure you change out the coolant every two years, that will prevent it from sitting in there, turning acidic and attacking the head gasket.

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