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I'm halfway (hopefully) into a leaky differential seal replacement and am stuck.

2008 Rav4 Sport, V6 4wd

So far I have:
-Removed the 4 bolts for the drive shaft
- Moved the drive shaft out of the way
- Removed the front mounts for the differential - have the diff supported from below
- Removed the 4 bolts and the electromagnetic coupling (the front half) and have the drive shaft hanging slightly out of the way.

That exposed the electromagnet: I've removed the spring clip that holds it to the yolk, but I can't seem to get the electromagnet out. I can wiggle it around and I see it pulling on the strain relief on the back of the diff housing - which makes me hesitate on just pulling harder.

It sounds like once I get the magnet off, I'm 3 bolts away from the seal.

Any ideas?
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