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We're going to be getting a '17 RAV4 LE in Canada in the next couple of weeks. Obviously when you test drive one there are loads of things which you don't notice. I have some questions about the stereo/infotainment system.

1. Does the audio appear on the MID on the LE? The one I test drove didn't but the literature says it does.

2. When playing music off a USB can you search by artist and album? Or does your music have to be organised in folders?

3. Can you reply to SMS from Android?

4. What power output do you get from the USB ports? I'm hoping to be able to charge my phone from the USB.

Coming from a 2014 Mazda 3 with the Mazda Connect system I think that EnTune is going to be rather basic, Mazda really have their system spot on.

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